Virtual Áilegas

The main objective of this project is to create conditions for entrepreneurship in language, handicrafts and culture by building up a stock of equipment and improving know-how. The main function of this project is entrepreneurship education and its target group are young people who are entrepreneurs or are considering entrepreneurship, language professionals or those who are considering to be language professionals, those who are considering to be entrepreneurs in the field of handicraft and culture and those who already are entrepreneurs or considering it in the field of game and software programming. There are workshops to these groups where the themes are entrepreneurship and industries. A parallel project is for the hardware and software acquisitions. Know how in industries is forwarded with municipality’s own actions and together with The Sámi Education Institute and University of Lapland, structural funds, collaboration of existing and future entrepreneurs and in collaboration with developing organizations. As a result of this project there is an operational environment that improves entrepreneurship skills and especially how a free time activity can be transformed into business. 20 people have attended to this project’s workshops.