Áilegas Giellasiida


The purpose of the project is to develop the municipality of Utsjoki as a service organisation and to enhance the well-being of its employees at work from the perspective of a multilingual and -cultural operating environment. Through these goals, we will, in the long run, improve the quality and increase the productivity and number of services provided by the municipality especially in the Sámi language and in accordance with Sámi culture. According to the Sámi Language Act, the state and the municipal authorities operating in the Sámi Area are to guarantee that services are provided in the Sámi language.
The first objective of the project is to make the municipality of Utsjoki into a highly competent and motivated provider of services in Sámi and in accordance with Sámi culture. This entails developing operating guidelines that take the multicultural and lingual environment into consideration. This also means that the Sámi Language Centre will be known as a place that one can turn to for assistance in work-related matters dealing with the Sámi language and culture. The second objective of the project is to increase the well-being of employees at work and to enhance competence especially as concerns multicultural and -lingual issues. This helps the staff to cope with their workload and decreases employee turnover.
The main measures of the project include development and learning processes that deal with the management and organisation of work, the improvement of the staff’s competence in lingual and cultural matters and in customer service through learning on the job, and the development of induction practices.
As a result of the project, the municipality of Utsjoki will have a leadership that is conversant with a multicultural working environment; the municipality will also have an operating model for how to organise work. The staff’s well-being and ability to manage work-related stress have increased as a result of enhanced competence and better organisation of work. In the long run, especially the variety of services provided in the Sámi language will increase and their quality and productivity improve.